Friday, January 13, 2006

That Man in First Class

Sometimes, I wish I had a camera with me when I was working.  That way, I could take pictures of famous people doing stupid things, or looking ridiculous, and sell them to the Enquirer, allowing me to then retire to my villa in Tuscany.
Yesterday was one of those days.
A well-known individual from the sports industry was on my flight, sitting in First Class.  He was well-groomed, dresssed well, and many people would find him to be quite handsome.
His personal demeanor, however, was that of a prima donna.  While I expected this, I didn't expect that he would be quite so abrasive and rough around the edges.  He seemed to offend most of the people around him -- and that was before we closed the door and took off.  It just got better and better from there.
The high point was when I noticed that he had removed his coat, sweater and shirt, and was sitting in the cabin in his grubby wife-beater t-shirt.  I shouldn't have to say it, but here goes:  This is not a good look for a guy.  Especially not in public. 
As I walked through the cabin, trying to provide good service to everyone, my inner-voice flight attendant was screaming "NO CLASS!"  I smiled and was gracious, however, but I wondered how much the Enquirer would pay for that kind of photo. 
And what does a villa in Tuscany cost?


Astroprof said...

A grubby t-shirt in first class?
Yeah, no class.

Anonymous said...

Villa in Tuscany? Roughly $250k to start. The tabs are going to want a little more than a personality in a wife beater for that kind of change. :)

An ex of mine flew for NWA and some of the stories she came home with about bad behavior by celebrities were stunning. I'll stick with my nonfamous friends, thanks.

Fly Girl said...

OK, OK, it's not a perfect idea! But after a year of flights like this, maybe. . . .