Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Poll: Most Annoying Passenger Behavior

It seems that annoying passenger behavior is the hot topic this week. 
Here's your chance to chime in, by voting in the "Most Annoying" poll in the sidebar.  I've culled the past posts and comments to gather a fairly extensive list, but I've still left room for "Other."  If you do choose other, please take a moment to list your "most annoying" in the comment/discussion section of the poll.
I'll keep the poll open for a week, and then post results.


Astroprof said...

Is this most annoying from crew perspective, gate agent perspective, or fellow passenger perspective? I might come up with something that annoys me more than it would you (like sitting next to a screaming child).

Fly Girl said...

From your own personal perspective -- whatever that may be.

airportjunkie said...

I voted "other" because a couple of them really "get my goat"!

Robert Konigsberg said...

Lack of manners sort of sums up many of the other poor behaviors: loud cell phone usage, arm rest monopolization, refusal to turn off electronic equipment. Yeah, "mean people suck."

Also, a presumption: I bet if there were more drunks on flights, it would rapidly shoot to the top. I've flown frequently enough, yet drunks haven't been on my flight. Or at least, they haven't caught my attention.

Forgive me for asking you to repeat if you've already said this, what's your most annoying passenger behavior? Perhaps you should save that answer when the poll is done.

"omis" said...

I checked "other."

It really annoys me when you're making the announcement to "hold on to your coats and jackets, and stow smaller bags under the seat," or something like it, and as you're saying it someone is putting their little bag and jacket in the overhead.

It's covered by several of your choices, rather than just one.

Anonymous said...

I really dislike it when I have an aisle seat and even though I try to lean toward the window, people boarding the plane keep hitting me with their luggage, especially baclpacks.

Flygirl said...

tough one but I said manners b/c probably several of those can fall into this one category