Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Grenade

A friend's birthday is coming up, and, once again, I am in a quandry over selecting the perfect gift. 
Imagine my appreciation, then, to the Northwest Flight Attendant who helped to narrow down my search when she was arrested for attempting to bring home a birthday gift for her son -- a grenade.  The grenade was NOT active.  You can read all the details in a SunHerald article.
While I don't profess to remember everything that is on the TSA's list of prohibited items, I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't forget that a grenade (or replica thereof) was a big No-No.
For now I'll just keep searching for other options for the perfect gift.
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Astroprof said...

You'd think that a flight attendant, going through security all the time, would know better.

JoeyC said...

I read about this a long time.

It was a FAKE grenadge. Couldn't blow up, and was filled with epoxy: impossible to hollow out and put explosives into.

Still though... fakes can raise alarms just like, or more than, the real mccoy.

Fly Girl said...

The regulations prohibit bringing a weapon or a realistic replica through security. It makes sense. If if was used to threaten anyone, there would be no way to determine if it was real or not. Usually the "fake" weapon is some sort of toy gun. Haven't heard of a grenade before this episode earlier this week.

Flygirl said... would think that would be common sense, huh?!?