Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Looking for Help

What's the point of having your own blog, if you can't occasionally help out a friend.

Flight Attendant Gal Pal is looking for an intimate, yet cool, restaurant to take a Guy Pal to. Location: Greater Washington DC area ('burbs are okay, too). Vibe: Intimate, somewhat romantic (but NOT in that we're getting engaged kind of way), great food and service. Other info: ethnic cuisine preferred, but not mandatory; Guy Pal is a bit of a foodie, but not a snob about it; needs to be intimate enough to sit close and have good conversation; somewhere nice and somewhat upscale, but doesn't have to be a white linen tablecloth kind of place.

If you have any suggestions, please email them to me. To get to my email, just click on my profile and follow the link. I'm turning off comments for this post as I don't want it to turn out to be a restaurant advertisement.

Thanks for your help!

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