Saturday, January 21, 2006

Embracing controversy

I received a couple of emails from friends wondering why I wanted to stir up a little controversy yesterday with my post.

After thinking about it for a bit, I realized that there really isn't a good answer. Sometimes I just like to generate a little lively discussion. I learn a lot from hearing other's views, and I'd like to think that maybe someone will learn something from mine.  It's not about setting out to change anyone's mind; it's about being willing to talk about "hot" topics.

I've never found much sense in the idea that if someone doesn't like something they should leave. I've never been one to runaway from a fight (and I'm using that term figuratively here).
To me, it's about character -- standing up for what one believes in, acknowledging and accepting differences, being willing to be an agent for change, questioning and challenging the status quo in the belief that the world is stronger and better for it. 
Whether it's about my industry in specific, or the world of business, politics, or relationships in general, I don't want to stand on the sidelines watching the world go by.  I'm going to be in the fray.
"You may say I'm a dreamer. . . . "  (John Lennon)
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Astroprof said...

You go, Fly Girl!
Embrace controversy.

According to the dictionary, "controversy is a lengthy discussion or debate about an important issue in which opinions differ." If it is important, then it should be addressed, rather than swept under the rug. Right? If opinions differ, then it is important to realize that and to discover why. After all, I like to think that I am right most of the time, but sometimes (rarely, I hope) I am wrong. When that happens, I often won't know it unless someone else carefully explains the reasoning behind their arriving at a different answer than I did. I don't require my close friends to agree with me on everything. Hell, I don't seem to agree with myself on everything! But, if my friends feel strongly about some important issue differently than I do, then I'd like to know that,and I'd like to know why. After all, it is possible that one of us, or even both of us, might be wrong and change our minds after a discussion.

If people can disagree, and explain their reasoning to one another without everyone getting feelings hurt, then this would be a much better world. Because with communication comes understanding.

Lenman said...

Controversy? It's your blog, your thoughts. I thought it was a great post. Including the one I'm commenting on right now.

"You'll get more done if you start right now."

Fly Girl said...

I'm still having a tough time understanding why anyone would even care what my thoughts are.

Thanks to both of you for reading.

Astroprof said...

Why wouldn't someone be interested in your thoughts? You are interesting, refreshing, and stimulating. I, for one, enjoy finding out what others think. If you were an airhead, that would be different; but, you actually have lots of thoughts to write about. Keep it up.

Flygirl said...

I agree with astroprof! You seem to have an amazing spitit and it's contagious! Good for you for standing up in what you believe is right!