Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Podcast Questions

Thanks to everyone who's written after listening to the podcast.  Here's what everyone seems to be asking about:
Yes, it was fun. 
Yes, I was nervous.
Yes, I probably am available for other interviews.  Just contact me via email and we'll see what we can work out.
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Joey C said...

Hey Stew!

You did a GREAT job on that podcast! God bless... you sound like you got some stage fright!

BTW, David Neeleman doesnt do that for the press; my mom said she's talked a lot to fellow JetBlue flight attendants who've been on flights with him; all he's done is assist with cabin service, and listening to the crew and passengers.

BTW, I'm listening to it right now... all thumbs up for the "Treat others The Way You Want To Be Treated" Comment!


Flyin747 said...

your a pretty cool f/a, im not gonna lie

Fly Girl said...

Joey: I'm not sure why Mr. Neeleman chooses to "help out." My point is that "helping out" at anything is different that being responsible for it day in and day out. Whether it's "helping out" in the cabin or at home around the house, it's usually more about the person "helping" than actually taking responsibility for the whole job -- the fun side of it as well as the crummy side.

Flyin: Gee thanks. I'm blushing.