Sunday, January 15, 2006

Favorite Airline Poll Results

OTHER was the runaway favorite airline in this past week's unscientific poll.

From feedback I've received, this seems to be because the airlines listed were all U.S. carriers.  I apologize for not thinking to include many of the fine international airlines.  It was a good wake-up call to think a little more globally.

Full results follow:

Other - 28%

Southwest - 17%

United - 10%

Delta - 9%

Continental - 9%

Jet Blue - 8%

American - 6%

Alaska - 6%

Northwest - 3%

US Airways/America West - 2%


Thanks for voting.  Look for another poll coming soon!

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1 comment:

Lenman said...

Non Commercial -

Commercial -

...and if you did have international carriers included in your favorite airline poll, it would have been British Airways first, followed by Japan's All Nippon Airways a close second. Great customer service and employee attitudes on both airlines!