Thursday, January 26, 2006

Delta's Bankruptcy Uniforms

Airlines in bankruptcy want dramatic concessions from their employees and their vendors.  They want to re-negotiate deals, nullify contracts, and rearrange financing.  And, apparently, they want to provide their flight attendants with brand spanking new uniforms designed by Richard Tyler.
Claiming that they were looking for a "timeless elegance" in their new uniform, Delta refuses to acknowledge what the price tag is for this elegance.  Hopefully, someone who follows bankruptcy proceedings can get a handle on the actual cost. 
Uniforms are an expense for an airline as they must constantly be replaced.  We generally have a number of uniform pieces, i.e., a pair of pants and a couple skirts, or a dress and a couple pair of pants, blouses, etc. 
Our wear and tear on clothing is horrific, and I understand the budget line for uniform costs must be high.
However, the cost for rolling out a new uniform program must be exorbitant.  Every flight attendant must have all new uniform pieces. 
I looked at the pictures of the new uniform, and am not sure that I'd call the look timeless.  Dowdy or just plain ugly seems to fit better for me.  But I'll reserve judgment until I see them in person.
What do you think?  I'd especially love to hear from DL flight attendants.


~profgrrrrl~ said...

That color will not be attractive on a lot of people. Nor will the style. Ick.

Astroprof said...

At least they will stand out in the cabin. Other than that, my impression is that they look rather icky. Besides, red is not really the color that comes to mind when I think of Delta. Of course, the color may have been selected by the accountants ...

"omis" said...

Don't worry about the cost. DL will surely have them made from the crappiest quality cotton/polyester blend they can find, thereby further eroding whatever style Tyler had intended.

JoeyC said...

This isnt a "style"... its a sad, SAD attempt at re-branding.

Unless Delta gets a COMPLETELY new paint scheme, these uniforms arent going to look good against the "wavy gravy" look.

EEEWWWWW did you see pictures number 2 and 4? That uniform on the senior mamas... YAAAAACK!

So glad my mom left DELTA!!!!

At jetBlue, they were these:

At least it has a nice style!

Anonymous said...

Wrap dresses are cool.... but with no weight standards... yikes.

Fly Girl said...

It is definitely NOT a flattering color for everyone, nor is the wrap style. Anyone who has too little cleavage, or is overly endowed, is going to have a tough time with this style.

While I like, and can wear, a wrap dress in my personal wardrobe, I just don't see it as a uniform choice.

I believe DL used Kate Spade to design the uniforms for its unsuccessful low-cost spinoff Song, and now Richard Tyler for these uniforms.

I love a designer wardrobe as well as the next fly gal, but c'mon -- when you're in bankruptcy?

airportjunkie said...

When you are in bankruptcy, the last thing on your mind should be new uniforms!

If I worked for Delta, I would be a little upset that they were even considering this.

Anonymous said...

you deserve to have been fired!

Fly Girl said...

Anonymous: I'm not sure who you feel needs to be fired, or why.

This isn't the forum for that type of discussion.