Monday, January 02, 2006

Independence Air Will Cease to Operate

It looks like one of my predictions for the year is destined to occur before the week is out:

D.C.-based, low cost carrier, Independence Air, announced today that is will cease operations on Thursday, January 5th.  The last flight will be #1777 from Westchester County to Washington-Dulles, departing Thursday at 7:26 pm.

The failure of Independence Air to emerge from bankruptcy is, unfortunately, not surprising.  I just thought it would take a little longer.

Passengers who disregarded the impending doom of Independence, and are holding tickets for travel after January 5th, have a couple of options.  These range from changing plans to travel before cessation of operations, or hope that the bankruptcy court approves a plan allowing for an automatic refund of the ticket price.  After that, it's a matter of standing in line with the other creditors.

There are lessons to be learned from the Independence business model.  The question remains, will anyone get it?


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Anonymous said...

Are you losing your job?

Flygirl said...

Oh the ever changing world of the airline industry! Like you, I knew this was inevitable but I'm surprised that it is happening so soon.

JoeyC said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... had FlyI remained a feeder for the UAL (??) system under AtlanticCoast Airways, none of this would be happening. Many people would have their jobs, and nothing. Quite frankly, I dont know what to say except for... I was expecting this since their beginning, and its happened.

Sorry for the employees, but a big "In-your-face" to the folks that thought this could work out without studying their foundation first. Now hundreds are unemployed (Will they get back into the UAL Express system, I do not know).

Great job, FlyI!!!!!!!

By The way, Flygirl:

I just found out how to maximize the picture of u... I'm going to say this in a cool/friendly way, but you are very pretty!

Fly Girl said...

Hmmmm. I guess this might be construed as an attempt to figure out which carrier I fly for. I'm feeling like it's safe to say, though, that I don't work for Independence Air.

JoeyC said...


I have no desire to exploit what airline you work for, if thats what you're trying to imply... besides, if I want to know, I'll just take that picture of you, and trace the uniform and a few other things in the picture.

By the way, not to be nosy, but why is it all that hard to just spill the beans on who you work for? Not like you're taking pictures, writing crap, etc... whats the worry?

Love you lots,


Fly Girl said...

Hi Joey.

You are absolutely right that the responsibility for this debacle rests solely with the bozos who thought this business model would work. I feel lots of sympathy for the employees. They had no say in how this situation evolved.

While I am understanding the fact that the United feeder deal was no longer viable (once United was in bankruptcy the trickle down effect hit Atlantic Coast hard), but surely a better deal was out there.

Let's hope the industry sits up and learns a very important lesson -- this hurts all of us!

JoeyC said...

Right... the point is, there were many carriers, at the time, who could have added another feeder. Delta, while its still in bankruptcy, has feeders with SkyWest, ASA, Air Wisconsin, and many other. Very simple idea, really... ACA could have tried a better airline to connect. But no, they thought wayyyy ahead of themselves, and fell head-over-heels because of their "idea" of how an airline should be run.

Oh well... what can we do?


Anonymous said...

Huh?? Are there TWO flygirls???

Fly Girl said...

Yup, that is apparently the case.

Flygirl said...

LOL...If I had known there was already a fly_girl I wouldn't have chosen flygirl. Sorry I made things so confusing! :(

Anonymous said...

Ooooo...that's like showing up to a party wearing the same dress!!

Do I see a catfight later tonight?

Fly Girl said...

Cat fight? Not hardly. Just two gals with incredibly great minds thinking alike.

If there's a doubt which one is writing, just look at the photo. I remain anonymous on this blog, so as Fly Girl, just use the flight attendant caricature. The other flygirl, has a gorgeous photo.

Flygirl said...

Your too sweet flygirl...thanks! ;) I promise I really didn't do that on purpose!