Friday, January 20, 2006

Registered Traveler Program

After hearing about it for a few months now, it looks like the Registered Traveler program is getting ready to launch.

Today in the Sky, a USA Today blog, reports that the program will debut on June 20th.

Already controversial, the program will allow registered travelers (who have paid a fee and submitted to a variety of background and security checks) to forego certain security processes.  Not the metal detector and screening, of course, but travelers will be able to avoid removing coats and shoes.  It is also rumored that laptops will not need to be removed from bags going through the screen.

Now, my questions is a personal one.  Since crew members have already gone through this background check and security clearance will we be given that same courtesy?

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Astroprof said...

If you still go through the metal detector and screening, is it really that big of an advantage to not take off coats and shoes? It seems more of a PR thing that saves no more than a minute or so, unless you get to go cut to the head of the line or something. I have the feeling that like most govenment "conveniences", it won't be nearly as nice as they make it out to be.

Fly Girl said...

As someone who has to do this nearly every day, I can tell you that this would save a lot of time. It may not seem like it, but the minute or three that it takes me to remove my heavy coat, then my uniform coat, then my shoes, and place them all in a bin to go through screening -- but wait, not done yet, then I have to open my carry on bag, remove my laptop from its case, place it in it's own bin takes time.

Then it takes time on the other end to put everything else back on, the laptop back in the bag, and head off.

It may not seem like a long time, but multiplied by a number of passengers and crew members, and it could save lots of it.

airportjunkie said...

I agree with flygirl & YuHu. Crew memembers should be allowed the same benefits as the passanger's who will be part of this new smart card.

"omis" said...

I'll bet the privelege is extended to pilots, but not to flight attendants.

Fly Girl said...

Omis: Wouldn't that be typical?! I'll keep my fingers crossed and wait and see.