Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

Since it seems to be a rule that you must make resolutions and share them with everyone, here are mine:
  • Appreciate and enjoy the love and friendship of the people closest to me.  Life is all about relationships, and I'm blessed to have some wonderful people around me.
  • Add more variety into my workoutsI like what I do, but know that I will reap more benefits, and be less bored, if I look for ways to invigorate the routine.
  • Visit at least two states that I have not been to.  Part of my continuing quest to visit all 50 states.
  • Blog more regularly, and with more quality.  I'd like to see the number of visits increase by 10% each month during 2006.
  • Learn a new skillI've always believed that if you're not learning and growing, you're just dying a slow death.  I'm not sure what skill I want to tackle:  learning a new language, trying something creative, or maybe just mastering a few advanced computer skills.
What are your resolutions?
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Nina said...

I like your resolutions. Hope you are able to keep them!! I hope I can keep mine as well. Good luck.

Fly Girl said...

Thank you, Nina. Let's both work on those resolutions together.

Flygirl said...

Great entry...sounds like you have lots of good plans for the new year! What states are you missing in your quest to visit all 50?

Fly Girl said...

Most of the states that I am missing are in the middle part of the country. For some reason, they just haven't called to me to get there soon.

I need to make a list of how many more I have to get to, but I know that I'm over half way there.

Traytable said...

How about learning sign language? I know some F/As who are going to learn together, i want to try too, as I think it would be very handy to know... and different!! =)

Good luck with your resolutions...

Teresa said...

Hey FlyGirl,
Thanks for reading our blog. I like yours a lot too.
If you want to spice up exercise, try rock climbing. It's an incredible workout, you'll never be bored and the men aren't half bad ;-)