Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dinner Reservations

Usually, dinner on a layover is something simple and relatively inexpensive.  We generally try to get away from the hotel, as many of our layover hotels have over-priced and under-yummy coffee shops.
In many cities, I have my favorites.  Occasionally, however, I want something different; to break out of my food rut.  When this happens, I often consult Open Table. 
Open Table is a free reservation service for over 4,000 restaurants in both the U.S. and around the world.  The restaurants listed range from casual to formal dining, all price ranges and locations.  The listings include information about the restaurants, and a link to the website, if available.  There is a rewards program for frequent users.
I first started using the service for cities that I was unfamiliar with, but now I find that I use it just as much in my home city.  I've never had a problem using the service, nor with how I've been treated at the restaurants they use.  I've used the service for some special occasions, noting so in the comment section of the reservation form.  The restaurants have gone all out to make sure that the occasion was truly special.
Open Table is a service that I use and am happy to recommend.

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