Monday, October 10, 2005

U.S. Geography

Traveling is my business, and I pride myself on my knowledge of geography. OK, some of the countries in the middle of Africa confuse me, but I know my fifty states. Evidently I'd been bragging a bit, because a co-worker sent me this geography game that she saw posted on Joe Schmidt's site.

At first I thought that it would be a piece of cake, but I was wrong. There are no aids to assist you in the placement of the states, just a giant outline of the U.S. My first state was Kansas. Now, I know where Kansas is, but placing it into a completely blank outline was a bit more daunting that might have been expected. I was 47 miles off. I didn't think that was all that bad (the mid-west is pretty expansive), but it wasn't a good way to start off my stats.

I only tried the game once, and here's my
score, so you can try it yourself and then compare. Not too bad for a first effort, but I will have to make a return visit to see if I can improve. If you really want to show off, leave your score in the comments.

Test your geography skills with "Place the State"

Being the geography buff that I am, I couldn't resist testing my skills with the Place the State game. The concept is simple, you are randomly given a U.S. state which you must place in it's exact location on the map. Your score is calculated by the percentage of states correctly placed. In the event you misplace a state, the average distance you are off will be displayed on the screen. The game ends when all 50 states have been correctly placed.


Rachel said...

I scored 82% with average error of 47 miles. That was a fun waste of 313 seconds of my day. :-)

f15x28 said...


Mmm... your score isn't showing, Yu Hu, because the game is in Macromedia Flash, so you can't save it as html =) But please tell us what you got!

I got 88%, 52 miles, 224 s!

If I beat you, you shout be really ashamed, beacuse I'm not American.

Fly Girl said...

My score was 90%, with an error factor of 21 miles. It took me 298 seconds, but I was on the phone and the same time and didn't realize that it was timed.

Northend Nique said...

86%, 36 miles, 332 seconds
Thank you... that was very cool!