Sunday, October 09, 2005


The information that I’ve researched regarding blog readership all points to readership numbers going down over the weekend. There’s been much speculation about why this is true. One prevalent reason postulates that during the traditional work week people access their computers more, while leaving their weekends free for family and recreational pursuits. I translate this to mean that people are spending work time surfing the blog sites that are of interest to them.

I decided to take advantage of my weekend time to not only stay out of the rain, but to revamp some of the layout on this site as well. It’s nothing dramatic, just an attempt to do some clean up to make navigation easier.

I’m now listing in the sidebar information about what I’m reading, listening to, and watching. It will be much easier to keep this current without having to do a new post each time I finish a book or movie. I’ve also eliminated the large ads from Amazon, leaving only the search box.

I've gotten better about linking, and finally – I figured out how to list some of the blogs that I follow regularly. I haven’t gotten every one of them entered yet, but as I read them, I’ll add them to the list. They represent a variety of interests, because. . . , well. . . , because I have an eclectic list of interests. If you come across something that I might like, send me the info. If I follow it for a few weeks, and still love it, I’ll add it to the list.

Thanks to all of you who have emailed to tell me what you like, and don’t like, about my blog. I really appreciate those comment coming as an email, rather than clogging up the comments.

I hope more of you will take a moment to sign the guest book. It's amazing to discover where everyone is in this big world of ours.

Please continue to keep my on my toes. I enjoy what I do, and am glad that you do, too.


James said...

Thanks for the comments Fly Girl. I think people read blogs less (particularly work-related blogs) at the weekend because, to be honest, there are probably better things to do! I haven't yet come across anything in the news about this, but if I do I'll blog about it.

Anonymous said...

Layout is better now, but that white tabbed image/frame at top of page is still annoying. Also, you can play around with your google adsense ads so that their colours fit your theme, such as they background colour etc, and if you make them look like your site, then chances are folks will click on them more... happy flying