Sunday, October 16, 2005

My Space is Not Your Space

I'm back home after a couple of tough days of flying.  I'm still shaking my head at the cheekiness of passengers.
On my last flight, while I was in the aisle serving beverages, I noticed a woman in the aft galley.  When I first looked back, I saw her sitting on my jumpseat.  I shouldn't have to tell anyone that this is a big no-no, but evidently some people still don't get it.  They think it's perfect reasonable to sit in a crew member's seat.  In addition to the obvious safety and security issues, this is the equivalent me going into your office, sitting in the chair behind your desk, and putting my feet up.  I wouldn't do it!  And neither should you!
I walked back to the galley, and politely explained to this woman that she was not permitted to sit on my jumpseat, and asked her to return to her seat.  She said that she needed to stretch a bit (so, I ask myself, why was she sitting?), but would be fine.  I went back to the cart and continued serving.
A few minutes later, I glanced back.  Now, this woman was standing in the gallley, opening drawers and cubby holes, and looking through stuff.  Now I was incensed.  I don't go to your office and rifle through your desk and files.  I respect your work space and privacy.  Is it too much for me to ask that you do the same for me?
Apparently, this was a burdensome request, because this woman just didn't get it.  She was incensed.  I insisted that she return to her seat, telling her she was not permitted to dig through the galley supplies.  I'm still shaking my head wondering why I even have to tell anyone that.  She look at me with disbelief, asserting that she had paid thus-and-so for her ticket and she was permitted to do whatever she want.  HUH?  You buy a ticket and then get carte blanche to do whatever you want to do on the airplane.  I DON'T THINK SO!
It took every ounce of customer service and people skills that I had to get this woman out of my space, and back into her seat, without causing a scene.  She was unhappy for the remainder of the flight.  I didn't care.
Yes, I know I'm ranting, but sometimes I get so sick of seeing this "it's all about me" attitude on the plane.


Traytable said...

Totally within your rights girl! Cheeky!!! Just because they pay doesn't mean they can do whatever they want, how rude!! (She knows it too, imagine trying that line)

Heh I bet a quick word from the Capt would clear that one up if she hadn't sat down... ask her if she likes flex ties.... ;P

indoloony said...

That lady was unbelievable! I don't think she knows a lot of courtesy, and her limits while flying. But then while dealing with such obviously dumb people, a lot of patience is required and kuddos to you for keeping your cool!


Anonymous said...

I have an idea!
How about, since she paid a full fare, she can do the cabin services, safety demo, and SHE can help YOU evacuate the aircraft. Then, after, she can spend a half hour filing the flight reports. Hmm? Sound good to you?
My mom is a flight attendant, and I Hear you when you talk about these types of pax.



Anonymous said...

to be fair, it's really hard to keep your hands off, since airplanes are so fascinating to those of us who don't fly as often as you. I do manage to not open them myself, but like to peek when you do. (agree that your seat is your seat).
ps. came over from Harriet Miers Blog at random. Nice site!

Fly Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll come back soon.

I understand the curiosity factor. When I'm in someone's office, I let my eyes scan what's on the desk, walls, etc. It's reasonable that when people come to my office (the plane), they want to do the same thing. I guess it's the voyeur in all of us.

But where things cross the line is when you start touching things: opening closed bins, looking into drawers, rifling through the liquor, looking in the ovens, and the very worst -- getting into my purse or flight bag. I have actually had a passenger open my flight bag and take a magazine out! Although she denied it, it still had my mailing label attached.

Look away -- but keep your hands to yourself.

Anonymous said...

I can see both sides of the current post but I have to agree with fly girl. I too have had passangers just start going through all of the cupboards. It is not right and not accpeted when I am working a flight. You paid for a seat not the entir plane. Plain and simple.

Joey C said...


There isnt two sides to this argument. Fly Girl was *trying* to do her work, and some careless idiot got in her way.

If someone invites you to their house, and you bring them a glass of wine as a gift, does that entitle you to roam free around their house, go through everything, look into personal items and what have you? I think not!