Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Luxury Travel Auction Site

Gridskipper posts about this luxury travel auction site.  Not many flight attendants can afford this type of luxury on a regular basis, but it's worth considering for a special occasion. 

When I last looked, no one had yet bid for this particular package.  Maybe it was because of all the restrictions.  Travel auctions could be so much fun if not for those pesky little restrictions.

Flights: Luxury Link

Luxury Link is an upscale travel broker that happens to specialize in high-priced auctions as well. For example, here's an auction for two nights in an "Urban Suite" at the W New York Court. The retail value is listed at $1,600, which is actually pretty accurate (the W currently offers that suite for $699 per night). Minimum bid is $825, so you could get it for much, much less than otherwise; the auction expires October 13, and only good for stays January 2 to March 31, 2006. Offerings in individual cities are relatively slim outside of major markets like New York (only one auction in Las Vegas?), but if you're flexible enough to hunt around and have the cash to play, your holiday could go from merely grand to super-posh. The fixed-price listings on Luxury Link are also pretty choice, though somehow not as tingly as the auctions.


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