Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Gifts for the Traveler

For personal travel needs, or gifts for the traveler in your life, check out Flight 001.  Their website is easy to navigate, but their retail stores may even be more fun to visit.  They currently have three retail locations, located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Manhattan.
You'll find lots of luggage, packing bags, gadgets, and other travel accessories.
Just in case any of my family or friends are reading this post, Christmas is just around the corner (hint, hint).  Here are some things that I'm putting on my wish list
The Airline Book , which celebrates the history and culture of air travel, would make a great coffee table book.   I can just imagine some of those photos from the "olden" days.  I also love the cute little silk sleep mask, would probably keep my hotel space a lot tidier with the cable yo-yo, and would be more organized in my packing with the traveler bag

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