Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Magic Words: Please & Thank You

Manners at 40,000 feet:
Me:  Can I get you something to drink?
5 year old:  Orange juice, please.
8 year old:  Me, too.
Mom:  That's not the way we taught to you talk.
8 year old:  I'd like orange juice, too, please.
Me:  (Smiling as I'm pouring the juice).  Here you go, kids. 
Mom:  (after a brief pause)  What do you say?
5 year old & 8 year old:  (in unison)  Thank you!
Me:  You are quite welcome!  And what can I get for you, ma'am?
Mom:  Gimme a coke.
Me:  Here you are.  (Long, long pause)  And you are welcome, too!
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marco_099 said...

Jajajajajaja, funny mom.
Saludos chica.

indoloony said...

oh geez! the lady needs to practice what she preaches. I would have had to supress a giggle if I was in that situation.


Fly Girl said...

She was clueless, and had no idea that she was demonstrating such poor manners. Sheesh!

Fred W said...

oh... I though it was a joke, not an actual story! All kind of people in this world