Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Q & A

Do you have a guy in every port?

(Laughing riotously) No, not hardly. I am fortunate, however, to have friends around the United States, and that includes many of my layover cities. It's always fun to meet up with them, go to local places, and to meet new friends through them. I'm just as comfortable being alone and on my own, though, as I am in a group.

Do you have to share your hotel room? Do you pay for it yourself?

No, we don't share hotel rooms. The company pays for single rooms for every crew members. Of course, what people do on their layover time, and whose hotel room it is in, is their own business.

I'd like to be a Fly Girl like you. Is anyone hiring?

While it's a tough time in the industry, many of the smaller, regional carriers are hiring. Only a few of the major airlines are, as they already have many people on furlough (laid off) status. There are a variety of online site where you can get updated information about flight attendant hiring. Or, for specific information, just drop me a private email and tell me what you're looking for. I'll try to connect you with someone who can help.

Did you ever want to be a pilot?


Where are you going on your next vacation?

Somewhere warm. The exact destination is still up in the air. (No pun intended.)

Do you want to meet up on a layover? Where are you flying? Have you met anyone from online?

I have met in person people who I originally got to know through online interaction. This is not something that I do lightly, as it involves huge issues concerning my personal safety and security, as well as coming clean with my real name. There are lots of hurdles to get over, and back ups to put in place, before I'd consider meeting up with anyone that I didn't know. I'm not out trolling for dates, so for me it's only about expanding my network of friends.


Joey C said...

Next time you're in ONT, look me up :-p LOL

Queen of Sky said...

But I thought ALL bloggers, especially slutty flight attendant bloggers, were trolling for dates ;)

Don't you just love the questions people ask?!

-Q of S

Flygirl said...

It never fails...