Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Retro Uniforms

Everything old is new again. . . .  Well, I certainly hope not!
After taking a look at this history of flight attendant uniforms, I can tell you that the retro look has no appeal to me.
I'm much more comfortable with the professional look of today's flight attendants than the sex-kitten look of yesterday.  At least onboard the aircraft that is. . . .


Traytable said...

Ah I see what you mean, have a look at the latest Air New Zealand uniforms - usually I don't mind a retro touch here or there, but this one? -I don't know what to think...!

New Air NZ Uniforms

number4of5 said...

Wow! Those clothes are wretched. What is the deal with the vails?

Anonymous said...

What, no Hooters uniforms?

Joey C said...

Anonymous, you're a perv.
And hootersAIR have normal flight attendant uniforms.

Thanks for the laugh. Although those 'sex kittens' look better in their uniform than those older crew in those Southwest uniforms... I hate them! Look lik tennis players, not flight crew. Something about them I hate.