Monday, October 10, 2005

Expiration Date

Sometimes, when I'm on the go as much as I am, I tend to forget when I should throw something away. This post from Simple Human provides a good reference for both food and household items. Since I keep doubles of many products, one for home and another for my suitcase, I need to do some re-thinking about how I rotate some common items.

Death, Taxes & Nailpolish Remover
Did you know that nailpolish remover lasts forever but that bottle of bleach in your laundry room expires after 3-6 months? has a nice list of household item life expectancies. The site, aimed at recent college grads, has a range of other useful information from 401Ks to losing weight. For a more detailed reference of when to toss your ketchup, this list of expiration dates for 77 household goods from Real Simple magazine even has a print button for easy filing.


Anonymous said...

I think Oprah did a whole show about expiration dates once. According to her expert, everything in my house is expired! :O

-Queen of Sky

Fly Girl said...

I think the only thing is my house that hasn't expired is me!