Thursday, December 08, 2005

Miami Shooting Update

I guess it comes as no surprise that the investigation into the shooting by air marshals in Miami yesterday has begun.  That's the way it's supposed to work.  An event happens, their is a review of the incident, and suggestions for improvement will be made.
Along with the official review, however, will come the "unofficial" speculation, theorizing, and second-guessing of what happened and what should have happened.  I guess that's the way it's supposed to work, too.  Getting all of us involved in a dialog is one way to call attention to events going on in the world.
There already seems to be differing opinions about whether or not the passenger claimed to have a bomb.  Time will tell, as the investigation conducts interviews with witnesses and reviews all the evidence.  I
It's way too soon to rush to any sort of judgment -- one way or the other -- except to say that it is most certainly a tragic series of events. 
The Washington Post has a great update on the events.


jiffy said...

End of the day, the sad truth of the matter is that like the tube station shooting, this is one giant cock up. Compensation won't bring back the dead. Meanwhile can we really criticise the officer's quick fire response? Well, personally, i think it's hard to think of what else he could have done under the circumstances. But shooting below the waist may have been an option.

Fly Girl said...

No matter which way the investigation on this turns out, it is indeed tragic.

What I'm still waiting to here is someone who can corroborate the claims of the air marshals that this man ran to the plane yelling that he had a bomb. That seems to be a threshhold question to why they even left cover to become involved. If it was just a domestic dispute, and since the plane was at the gate and the guy was leaving, I'm not sure that they would/should be involved.

Just my humble opinion, though.