Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Baggage Screening

Flight Attendants are required to go through the security screening process along with passengers.
Oh sure, we usually get to cut in line and go right to the front, but then we have to take off our shoes, coat, and remove anything that can set off the security alarm.  Just like you.  So when you complain about the process, we feel your pain.  But we offer little sympathy.  As far as we're concerned, if we have to do it, so do you. 
The next time that you are complaining about having to be screened, remember that your flight attendants have gone through the process, too.  And that's on top of an indepth background check and having our fingerprint in a federal database.  Sometimes we wish that we were treated as nicely as you.
In the interest of showing both sides of the story, there is no way that I could do the job of a screener.  It would be boredom beyond belief for me. 
You may want to try Baggage Screening:  the Game (via Gridskipper).   Scroll down the page to the interactive button that will let you be the baggage screener.  Listen to the instructions and then try a two minute exercise where you try to spot contraband passing through the x-ray machine.  How did you do?  I did very, very poorly.
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Astroprof said...

I did well. I was a bit slow, but I got the threats. I misidentified one safe bag, though, as having a threat.

But, I rather like my current job better.

Fly Girl said...

OK, I didn't really do very well. Part of it was that I didn't understand that I didn't HAVE to find somthing in the bag. So I guessed a lot of the times.

If I had been the screener in real life, mine would have been the line to avoid!

Traytable said...

hmm. I identified all the bags, but people got mad at me for taking too long!!!

Really, each bag was only stopped for a second or two!!! :p