Friday, December 16, 2005

Flight Attendant Fashion: The Skybelt

A co-worker that I'm flying with today fancies herself quite the fashion expert.  She brings an extra suitcase and garment bag along for her extensive wardrobe, even if it's just a two-day trip. 

On the layover, she is always immaculated coiffed, made up, and dressed.  Some would claim, over-dressed, but I guess that's just a matter of opinion.

She's high maintenance and I love her dearly.  She doesn't impose her standards on anyone else, although I seen a shudder go through her at a perceived fashion faux pas.

Since I'll be flying with her again during the holidays, I'm considering bringing her a fashion Christmas gift:  a Sky Belt.

The Skybelt is a belt made out of colored webbing, and the buckle consists of old airplane seat belt buckles.  The company was started by a former flight attendant as a way to earn some extra money for a family vacation.  The line now features interchangeable colored belts, and clip on designs, and is available through online ordering.  There is also a list of retail locations.

The first Sky Belt purchase is $32.95, and additional belts are $10.95, although currently there appears to be a sale going on.  Clip ons to personalize your belt design are $4.95. 

While this may not be an appropriate fashion gift for my co-worker, it's a fun fashion statement.


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Astroprof said...

Do they come with someone giving a safety demonstration?

Flygirl said...

LOL astroprof! That's pretty funny stuff...the sky belt...maybe that's why there have been problems with seatbelt extensions disappearing on the planes?!

Traytable said...

yes, I had heard that a fad went round a few years ago where people were cutting out the belts from planes... it reminds me of that club Adventure Girl went to, I'm sure there was a photo of her and some friends trying on those belts too! hee hee =)

Queen of Sky said...

ha ha... as for your friend, there is one at Delta that I used to fly with that we called the "hat lady" because she always brought different hats to wear on her layovers... of course she also brought her fur coat to Europe for layovers in winter!

-Q of S

Fly Girl said...

Astroprof: As if anyone would listen!

Fly Girl said...

I received a very nice email from Jennifer, who wanted to make sure that we knew the buckles they use are new, and NOT cut out from any airplane. Here's what she said:

I'm glad you like our belts, we receive many orders from pilots and FA's and as gifts for any flight enthusiest...including John Travolta!

I wanted to mention to you that our buckles are actually brand new ones that come directly from the company that supplies them for aircraft. Just thought you should know that they are not used.:)

Traytable said...

Oh yes oops I didn't mean to imply they were cutting them... But i am sure someone mentioned it somewhere in a blog that they caught pax trying to cut off a belt... lol.... imagine trying to explain that one!!