Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Alaska Airlines Decompression

Thanks to all who've written to ask if I was on Alaska Airlines flight #536 from Seattle to Burbank.
While cloaking myself once again in anonymity (regarding the airline that I work for), I was not on that flight.
Blogger Jeremy Hermanns was on the flight, however.  Read about his experience and see his photos.  There are many issues worth discussing, and most them are raised in his post and comments.  Warning, however, some of the comments get pretty vicious.  As someone who works in the cabin, and is familar with this type of aircraft, I got a chuckle out of how misguided or simply wrong people are about what should happen. 
Once again, an airline emergency with a happy ending.  While the crew was merely doing what they were trained to do, my kudos go to all of them, pilots and flight attendants alike.
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1 comment:

Flygirl said...

Thanks for the link to Jeremy's sight...good stuff. I too had to lol at some of the comments left on his page...some people are such tools! :) Happy New Year to you!