Friday, December 16, 2005

The 3rd Day of the Flight Attendant Christmas

Third Day: That we’ll be home for those extra special events. The airlines are a 24/7 business, which means flight attendants will be working, and away from home on holidays. Seniority dictates which days we will be working, and which we will have off. However, most airlines allow flight attendants to trade trips and days off (within some limitations) so that our schedules remain flexible. We can’t all hold the holidays off, but it is nice when trading allows us to be home for those extra-special events.

Second Day: No snowstorms, ice storms, freezing rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, or windstorms. In other words, no ugly weather to mess with flight patterns, or to delay departures or arrivals.

First Day: Healthy passengers. No cold or flu germs infecting other passengers or the crew. No need to divert for medical emergencies. No one needing emergency oxygen. No need to have paramedics meet the airplane. No falls, no bloody noses, no coughing. Healthy passengers mean a healthy working enviornment for us.

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