Friday, December 02, 2005

Calling All Flight Attendants

I know you're out there! 
I've read you blog, visited your website, subscribe to your feed, gotten emails from you.  You know that the stuff I write about is real.  I don't have to make this stuff up -- it happens.
Now, I'm going to get organized about it.  I'm trying to collect all the links for flight attendants (or former ones, hell, maybe even a pilot or two) who blog.  Please email them to me directly (for inclusion in a future post and/or blog roll).  To do that, you can go to my profile on my home page, or just send me an email at:
Of course, if you need to be anonymous, I completely understand!
Thanks for your help!

1 comment:

Queen of Sky said...

I just compiled all my links for you and sent them to you. Thanks!

-Ellen aka Q of S