Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Eleventh Day of the Flight Attendant Christmas

Eleventh Day:  Happy Holiday hotels.
Many flight attendants will be spending tonight, Christmas Eve, in a layover hotel.  While technically not alone (we have our fellow crewmembers with us), it just isn't the same as being with family.
If we're lucky, the hotel restaurant will be open and we can get a bit of a holiday meal.  It's not the same a good home-cooked meal, but it's better than nothing.  Nothing, unfortunately, is what happens at some of our hotels who close down their restaurants for the holiday.
It's tough being alone and away from home for the holidays.  Sure, it goes with the job, but that doesn't make it easy.  It's extra tough when the hotel is virtually closed down.
A very BIG THANK YOU to those hotels who make our job a little less lonely by doing something special for those us who are working over the holidays. 
Tenth Day:  Feeling the love!
Ninth Day:  No overbooking problems.  

Eighth Day:  Proper staffing.  

Seventh Day:  Delay free flights.  

Sixth Day:  Plenty of space for carry-on bags.  

Fifth Day:  Happy co-workers.  
Fourth Day:  Short security screening lines. 
Third DayThat we'll be home for those extra special events. 
Second DayNo weather problems.
First Day:  Healthy passengers. 

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Astroprof said...

Merry Christmas to everyone working the holidays (especially those out of town)!