Monday, December 19, 2005

The 6th Day of the Flight Attendant Christmas

Sixth Day: Plenty of space for carry-on bags. Heavy winter coats and packages can take up lots of room this time of year. We always hate having to deal with bags that simply are too large to fit anywhere. We cringe when the overhead space is used up, and there is nowhere else to put bags. We really do want everyone to have all the bags fit somewhere. It’s just that it isn’t always possible, and it’s worse this time of year. But maybe, just maybe, this is the year that it will happen.

Fifth Day: Happy co-workers.

Fourth Day: Short security screening lines.

Third Day: That we'll be home for those extra special events.

Second Day: No weather problems.

First Day: Healthy passengers.


Astroprof said...

I've got a nice carry-on that is just a little smaller than the space under the seats. I always prefer to keep it there, since I don't have to fight for space in the overhead compartments, and it doesn't get crushed by other people shoving heavy unbendable things in on top of it. This time of year, I hate to have isle seats, since that means stuff falling on my head from overcrowded overhead compartments when they are opened. It seems that too many people seem to think that the space will expand if you just put more stuff in there.

allison said...

Damn people with their coats and laptop cases in the overhead.

Fly Girl said...

Astroprof: People like you are our very favorite passengers! I carry a very similar bag and stow it beneath the seat in front of me when I travel.

Allison: I have never understood needing to put a laptop in the overhead, and then immediately getting up to take it out so that you can use it during flight. It just seems a whole hell of a lot easier to put in beneath the seat in the first place.

I can, however, understand why people want to put coats in the overhead. Especially on a long flight. So, if people need to do so, all I ask is that you place soft items on top of the larger, bulkier items instead of taking up an entire bin with a coat. It's that whole "sharing" concept.