Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hangover Cures

I read an article at Gridskipper about easy Jet, a fairly young European airline.  I went to check out their website and found a wealth of information.  Lots of good solid data, along with some great humor as well.  They also have a newsletter.
Their post about hangovers and cures was one of my favorites, and the very fact that a post like this is on the airline website tells me a lot about the kind of company it is.  The article lists the cures for a hangover from a variety of countries.  Some new ideas, some old, and some that trigger my gag reflexes enough to make me swear that I will never over indulge again.
I have no first hand experience flying on easy Jet, so I'd love to hear from anyone who knows more about them.
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Appenzeller said...

Easyjet have led the revolution in budget air travel in Europe (with Ryanair). Their ticketing model aggressively rewards early booking and equally punishes last-minute, where fares can rival national carriers. Their scheduling is very tight, with short turn-arounds, and they run a standardized fleet (now switching from 737 to A319). Their European HQ is here in Geneva, so they have mopped up a lot of highly qualified ex-Swissair crew. they now account for 30% all traffic in Geneva.
From a passenger perspective, no assigned seating and boarding according to check-in chronology takes some adjustment. if you're tall, like me, the extra space of the overwing exits is worth the hassle of early check in and stashing everything overhead. A good selection of beverages and snacks, including decent hot tea (importantfor us Brits!), all at extra-cost, as are skis etc.
I commend their cabin crews on generally getting the balance between between casual light-heartedness, except when it comes to flight safety, where they are amongst the strictest, but nice with it.
My only complaint is that their late-day flights are often late due to the tight scheduling during the day having a knock-on effect.

Fly Girl said...

Thanks for the info about easyJet. It sounds like I need a European trip just so that I can check them out!

Anonymous said...

Sounds strangely like Southwest Airlines to mee.

Anonymous said...

Imagine SouthWest without the sophistication.

EJ are stunningly minimal, and the rush to get a seat on a busy flight is wonderful, though if you have small kids you can get to the front.

Reputation wise, they are not as bad as Ryanair for trying to weasel out of their EU-passenger-liability obligations.

Sandra said...

Easyjet...Queasyjet...only joking. Cheap and mostly cheerful. They were always late but have really improved on that over the last year or so. Because of the price, there are often some noisy bachelor(ette) parties. They also have good flights for the popular European ski destinations. You pays your money and you takes your chances...overall, good, but no frills means no frills.

Anonymous said...

Easyjet is also the subject of a tv program (reality tv or docusoap, whatever they call that) running in the UK and exported as well. Cheap flights, and service to match from time to time it seems. (Amateurisch desks agents featured in the TV series, so if that got in there, I can only imagine what they've had to cut out...) Some good ones too certainly however, and a relaxed atmosphere. Before it's boss sold it anyway, not sure what happened after that.