Friday, November 18, 2005

Your Co-Star in the Movie of Your Life

Apparently I may have missed the boat with my question about who would play "me" in a movie.  Every star needs a co-star.  As a dear friend pointed out today, "I don't care who would play you.  I care about who would play the guy who you are with."
A valid point indeed, and one that required little pondering.
So, for my leading man, or should I say men:  Johnny Depp for the hot looking hunk.  I swooned over him in Chocolat, lusted after him in Pirates of the Carribbean, and my heart ached with tenderness for him in Finding Neverland.
For a more mature leading man, I'd choose Steve Martin.  I found his romantic side endearing in Roxanne.  He seems like the kind of guy who would make me laugh as well as make me feel desired.
Who would share top billing with you?
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Lenman said...

Courtney Cox. My real life co-star has had the whole look and personality thing going on since forever...

missy-j said...

Eric Close from Without a Trace for his Ken Barbie looks, Sean Penn for dangerous fun and because I adore him, Haley Jo Osment! Haha, before you get freaked out, I'm only 1 yr older than him.

Traytable said...

It would have to be Colin Firth, or Sam Neill as he was in Jurassic Park. Just coz i always thought those two were hot.

But to be more realistic, as he's closer to my age, the Aussie actor martin Henderson (in 'Bride & Prejudice' and 'The Ring')