Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Airport Transportation

If you are traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday next week, you need to give thought to how you intend to from your home to the airport. 
This is a very busy travel time.  Spending an hour today to take care of these arrangements will save you time and headaches on your day of travel. 
There are several options:

Stay at a hotel near your departure airport that offers a special "stay and park" rate.  Then just take the hotel shuttle to the airport.

Take a car service to and from the airport.

Drive yourself and park off-site.  Be sure to make a parking reservation, as most lots will be completely filled up, and you don't want to discover this when the clock is ticking down toward your departure time.

Have a friend drive you and pick you up.  Do this only if you don't like the friend all that much.  You are going to have to spend hours in traffic, and are only moving the headache from you to your friend.

Shared van service.  A variety of companies offer portal to portal airport shuttle service for travelers coming from the same general area of the city.  You do need to allow a little extra time as you will be making several stops.  If you have more than two people traveling, it's probably cheaper to just arrange for your own car service.

Public transportation.  If a bus, train, or subway can get you to and from the airport, it's probably cheap and fast.  You will have to tote your own bags, so if you are traveling with lots of items, this will be cumbersome.

Taxi.  It's not as reliable as a shared van service or a car service, but if you have a corporate account you can probably depend on them to show up on time.  Arrange for pick up in advance.

Planning ahead will make things much easier, but remember, whatever choice you make, it's going to take patience and humor to get through it all. 
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Rachel said...

I will be taking a taxi for my holiday trip on Wednesday. Are you flying with all the crazies on Wednesday as well?

Fly Girl said...

I'm not flying over the long Thanksgiving weekend, and am very glad to be able to avoid the airports all together.