Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Moving On

Thanks to all of you who have commented or sent me emails about Mr. Amazingly Gorgeous.

The comments seem to fall into two categories:

1) Those who say good-bye, good riddance, and that I deserve better.

2) Those who say to make one more contact, that maybe something has happened and that I will always wonder if I don't make the effort.

I've given this lots of thought, and count me in the first category. I really can live with the decision not to contact him.

I think Einstein said it best!


Queen of Sky said...

I can't see the Einstein pic :P

Anyway, you are RIGHT, girl... ONE MONTH! Move on! He probably has something else going on (like a wife and kids).

BTW, when are you going to turn your blog into a book? I can't wait! See my blog for details...

-Q of S

Bone said...

I can't see the Einstein thing either :-\

I agree. You thanked him, one email, and one phone call. That's plenty.

Anonymous said...

Einstein said it best..... silence?

Silence IS golden.....

Fly Girl said...


number4of5 said...

There is definitely something else going on in this man's life. Just be happy that it is no longer you.