Sunday, November 27, 2005

Rumors of Snow

I've been talking and exchanging emails with friends who are hearing rumors of snow. I've heard from friends who say that it's been snowing where they are, but no one has said that it's sticking to the ground and piling up.

No one, that is, except my friend Geoff in Zurich. (You may want to check out his blog, Zurich Gnome, which covers Formula One racing.) Geoff sent me a few photos that he took while out for a walk, and while he apologized for the quality of the photos, my experience with phone cameras have never given me results this good.

So far, Zurich wins the snow contest, And check out that blue sky!


number4of5 said...

Snow makes everything look so much better. I am convinced it is the only thing that makes DC look good!

Bone said...

Thanks for posting the pics. Wow, they're beautiful, especially for someone here in the land of "little or no accumulation" expected.

Fly Girl said...

Yes, the pics are beautiful. I've not yet had my first snow sighting of the season, and this makes me eager for it to occur.

Flygirl said...

What beautiful pictures...thanks for sharing! We've gotten one snow fall this winter but I'm hoping for a lot more!