Sunday, November 20, 2005

Questions? I've Got Answers

I've been enjoying a lazy weekend at home following several grueling days of flying.  Everybody seems to be getting into position for the Thanksgiving holidays.  Flights have been oversold, patience is wearing thin, tempers are short, and it is good to not be on an airplane right now.
Since my energy is at a low ebb tonight, I thought I'd just answer a few questions that have been sent my way.  If you have a question of your own, please feel free to send it my way.  I'll collect and answer them in a future post.
What's your favorite layover?
Well, since it's pretty cold most everywhere, right now my favorite layover is anywhere warm and sunny.
How do I get a free movie or drink on a flight?
There are actually lots of way to accomplish this, and ALL of them involve being nice.  I'll write more about this in a post.
Can flight attendants accept tips?
I believe that every airline has a policy against taking tips.  But if a passenger insists, most flight attendants will smile and say thank you.
Will you be flying on Thanksgiving, and if so, what will you do?
I won't be flying on Thanksgiving.  Crew members who are away from home will be looking for ways to celebrate the holiday while on their layover.  At hotels where a Thanksgiving dinner is being offered, most crews will gather as a group to celebrate.  If the crew restaurant is closed, they will look for other options.  Many times a flight attendant or pilot who lives in a city where there are layovers will open their home for dinner.  It's never fun to be away from family and friends on a holiday, but there are ways to forge a sense of community with your crew.
How about Christmas?  Will you be flying then?
Fortunately I am senior enough to hold the holidays off.  I've paid my dues, though, flying holidays for lots of years.
What airline do you fly for?
Ah, that must be kept confidential.  In keeping my anonymity I can be more honest about what's going on in our business.  It also helps to make sure that I keep my job.
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marco_099 said...

when u have to fly all nigth long, where do you sleep? do u sleep at all?
Don´t you get stressed up easily after being all day in a plane?

Saludos chica