Wednesday, November 09, 2005

French Women Revisited

I finally finished reading French Women Don't Get Fat.  Actually, I finished it about a week ago, and I loved it so much, that I went through it a second time.  I got even more out of on the second go-through.
I've tried a couple of the recipes found in the book.  They are delicious!  My favorite (so far, at least) is the Cauliflower Gratin.  Yummmmmmmmm!  Have several more on my list to try as soon as I get a few days off.  I've also been trying to take food from home on my trips.  It's not easy to do, but I've been making the effort.  It's paid off, both in better nutrition and better tasting food.
Another practice that I've incorporated into my life is to have a glass or two of wine daily.  I love wine, so this is not a big sacrifice for me.  It's amazing how the simple act of adding wine to a meal changes the experience from eating to dining.  That, I believe, is the whole point.
Now, I just need to work on adding chocolate into my daily routine.
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j5 said...

I saw this book on TV recently. I assume it's a healthy eating guide? Out of curiosity do French women drink a lot of water?

A mate of ours lost a lot of weight recently taking diahoretics. Whilst this is hardly recommendable, I have noticed that plain water (consumed in above average quantities) is also a "miracle solution" for weight loss (and overall good health). Of course taken in excess anything is bad. For example don't attempt Japanese water therapy without prior doctor's recommendations. Overhydration can result in digestive problems, behavioral changes, brain damage, seizures, or coma!

Still, water is very important and due to various lifestyle factors people just don't get enough water today. We live such cushy lives i suppose.

Anyways comrade, great idea for a blog.

marco_099 said...

Wine is good!, a couple of drinks a day ´re recommended by doctors.
Lady, on the previous post i apologize, i didn´t mean that u hate all passengers. My english vocabulary is ehh... limited and sometimes i get in trouble or funny situations because of that.
Je suis desolé.
Lo lamento mucho.

Fly Girl said...

Yes, the book does encourage drinking lots of water, far more than most Americans probably get in their daily life.

Buckeye Sculptor said...

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