Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Pack Your Toothbrush

If you travel as much as I do, you are probably on the lookout for items that will make packing easier and less cumbersome. 
Anytime that I can pack more efficiently (and lighten my load), I'm all for it.  And what could be better than finding an item that does double duty, allowing you to pack less?
Arieanna at She Knows Best posted about the OHSO, a combination toothpaste holder and toothbrush.  Evidently, you fill one side of the container with toothpaste and the brush is on the other side. 
It looks pretty sharp, and would save a little bit of room in my already crowded toiletry bag.  It's going on my Christmas list.
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Arieanna said...

Yeah, I totally want it too. Way less lame than the usual stuff I get :)

Bone said...

I remember someone got a razor that dispenses shaving gel during exchanging of gifts a year or two ago at my family Christmas thing. Not sure how well that worked.