Monday, November 14, 2005

Good-Bye Mr. Amazingly Gorgeous

I haven’t written a follow up about my dinner with Mr. Amazingly Gorgeous. Let’s just say that while it didn’t go exactly as planned, it probably went about how I expected.

I was excited that we were both going to be in the same city at the same time. I made my way into the city and to his hotel room, leaving plenty of time so that I wouldn’t be rushed. I hate rushing. Especially when I am trying to make a good impression. When I was nearly to the hotel (which, I might point out is a 5-Star property in this particular city), my cell phone rang. It was Mr. A.G.

I was expecting the worst. This time it wasn’t that bad. His flight had been delayed, he was taxiing in during the phone call, and it looked like it would be at least another hour before he would be at the hotel. No problem! This I can handle.

The hotel is in a nice downtown neighborhood, so I spent the time wandering in a couple of the shops. Finding nothing of interest, I decided to go to the lobby bar of the hotel for a glass of wine. I was still a little nervous about the whole thing, so I figured a nice glass of red would calm my nerves.

I found a comfortable couch, ordered my drink, and reached into my purse for a book. (I always carry one with me for just these waiting times.) I had been sitting and reading, and enjoying my wine for about twenty minutes when an attractive, well-groomed man sat on the couch opposite from me. I looked up, acknowledged him, and he smiled back and engaged me in conversation.

He was witty and charming, handsome, articulate and VERY interesting. We chatted up a storm. As he was leaving, he handed me his card and said that if I was free the next day that he’d like to take me to lunch. I told him that I was unavailable for lunch, but he insisted that I take his card and encouraged me to keep in touch. I smiled and tucked the card away as he left.

About the time that I was finishing my wine, Mr. A.G. walked up to me in the lobby and gave me a big hug. He looked, well, amazingly gorgeous. His eyes sparkled, his smile was big, and when he told me how glad he was to see me and how much he had missed me, I believed him.

We went up to his room, which turned out to be the penthouse suite. He had it lit with dozens of votive candles around the room, in the bathroom and shower, even out on the balcony. Music was on, a bottle of wine was open on the table. Everything was romantic and beautiful, and I was so glad to be there.

We relaxed and caught up on everything for awhile, and then there was a knock on the door. It was one more surprise - he had arranged for an in-room massage for me so that I could relax as he finished up a little business. The massage therapist and I relocated to the bedroom, and I enjoyed blissful pampering. When finished, I put on one of the hotel’s big fluffy robes and padded out into the living area of the suite.

Another surprise! Mr. A.G. had ordered in dinner and it was set out in a beautiful arrangement. Salads, steak and lobster, cheesecake for dessert. We had ate, sometimes feeding one another (I know, that sounds sappy). We had more wine. It continued to be wonderfully romantic.

All my doubts were vanquished. I believed that I had just misunderstood the intensity of his work schedule, the ever competing demands on his time. I thought that I must have been selfish, and that this display of affection and attention was designed to show me how he was quite willing to integrate me into his life and heart.

When I left, I showered him with profuse thanks. When I returned home, I sent an email thank you, once again telling him what a marvelous time I had had, and how much I appreciated what he had done.

And that’s the last I heard of him. He’s not responded to my email, nor returned the one call that I placed to him. It’s been nearly a month.

I am through!

And any day now I might dig out that business card that I tucked away somewhere.


JoeyC said...

You give me his address... and we'll see about him not answering you... in fact, after I'm done with him, he'll never have the chance to even think about doing anything... for a loooong time!

Rachel said...

Hmm, what a jerk. He is definitly a work a holic. Sure it sounds wonderful and beautiful, but it really didn't seem like he made time for you. He merely squeezed you in between work. If you were really a priority he would have had made time to actually take you somewhere rather just invite you over for a romp in the hay.

Fly Girl said...

Joeyc: Thank you, my friend. I'm actually not feeling angry or hostile right now, although those emotions did pass through my mind. He and I are just at two different places in our lives. I really do wish him well.

Rachel: Yup, he's a workaholic, and self-centered, and totally wrapped up in himself. When we are together we do go out, have fun, etc. It's just that those times are too far apart. I want more, and he's not able to give it. Time for me to move on.

j5 said...

Should have left him with your blog address (just in case). Though, that would be a bad idea now.

Quite strange really, what man doesn't return a call from a woman!? I mean, that simply goes against eveything we know about basic male psychology. I dunno, maybe that's more an American thing. People are more busy over there I guess. Though you might want to try one last time, just in case. Maybe (just maybe) circumstances intervened, electronics down, satellite error, etc. That sort of shananigan happens from time to time you know.

Joey C said...

Hey FlyGirl, Joey here.

Ontario is the place to be if you feel like meeting someone who WILL call you back... well, Apple Valley :-P. I'll be waiting for you ;-)

Sorry, just kinda trying to lighten up the situation here!

Traytable said...

Hmm.... he had his chances... a month is a long time... he could have found some way to contact you... leave a message with your crew base even??

I say if you want to dig out that card you do it girl!! Seems perhaps Mr Interesting may be what/who you are looking for perhaps??

marco_099 said...

Mr. Amazingly Gorgeous should be Amazingly Stupid.
Incredible, he has no shame. Here we say: Que se vaya al carajo.

Anonymous said...

Don't be misled by he fancy packaging and the outward manifestations. Any man can make these kind of gesture when they are after one thing...

Ever make it to Philadelphia?

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I'm lost because I haven't read prior postings on this guy since I'm a fairly new reader. Did you feel like he was expecting more than just a "romantic" evening? Maybe he expected to help you wrinkle the robe? Seems to me he might have.

CandidlyCaroline said...

I only know the story from this one column, but the guy obviously is not worth fretting over if he would go from hot to cold so quickly!
You have a good memory from a fun night, and it's perfectly ok that it's just that - a memory! :)