Monday, November 28, 2005

Medical Referral When Traveling

It's taken me years to find health care providers that I trust.  I am happy to share referrals with friends, because I truly like and respect these providers.  However, since I'm on the road almost as much as I'm at home, there are times when I need health care when I'm not at home.  If I'm working, I can generally count on my airline referring me to an appropriate health care provider. 
However, if it's not an emergency, or if I'm travel for pleasure, I may wish to seek out someone on my own.  My first option is usually to contact friends who live near to where I am and ask for referrals.  That usually will solve the problem, as I have friends around the country.
I read about an additional resource that will also help in finding a doctor when I'm on the road.  It would also be useful for someone who needs to find a new doctor because they are moving to a new city. 
David Cowan writes in his blog Who Has Time for This about a doctor search and review site sponsored by Helthia.  While I hope that I would never have to use it, I have the feeling that this is information that is going to come in handy.  You might, too.
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