Friday, November 11, 2005

Light Bulbs

Question of the day:
Why do hotel rooms have reading lights by the bed and only put in 25 watt lightbulbs?


Lenman said...

Low light = get sleepy = turn off light = less money spent by hotel on light bill... least that's how it works for me whenever I travel.

j5 said...

for ambience and that "warm intimate" feeling i presume. on a side note, correct lighting can make a terrific improvement on how we perceive our living space (using light sensitivity to evoke altered states of mind). It's all rather insiduous stuff, and I wouldn't make light (pardon the pun) of what lenman said previously about the underlying dollar motive.

Also, have you ever wondered why hotel bathrooms appear so 'shiny' and 'clean'. That's because they mostly use hi-intensity globes (as high as 275W) to make metalic and enamel surfaces reflect light, causing that trademark showroom glint. totally bad for your eyes mind you.

Fly Girl said...

I guess. And I really do like low lighting for ambiance purposes.

But a reading light really should be for reading.

Teli said...

what lenman said.

hint, hint - you really shouldn't be reading in bed (at least, that's what the hotels must think).