Monday, April 24, 2006

You're Hexed!

In keeping with the continuing theme of bad passenger behavior, The Rocky Mountain News reports that a passenger recently put a hex on a Delta flight between Las Vegas and New York.

The 50 year old woman was allegedly observed drinking from a personal bottle of wine while the aircraft was taxiing for take off in Las Vegas.  The Flight Attendant took away the bottle, and the woman's behavior proceeded to escalate in inappropriatenes.  It's reported that she sang, chanted, and proceeded to put a hex on all of the passengers at the plane saying that the plane was going to crash, and everyone was going to die,

When Flight Attendants tried to approach her to calm down, she slapped one of them, and continued with her erratic behavior.

The flight made an unschedule landing in Denver, where the passenger was removed and arrested.  She was charged with interfering with a crew member, a federal offense.  No information is available as to whether she hexed the arresting officers.

This stuff really happens, people.  We couldn't make this up.

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Aj said...

Is it just me or does this kind of crap seem to be happening more and more? Fry the witch!

Fly Girl said...

I'm not sure if it's happening more often, or it's just getting reported more.

Post 9-11, most airlines have adopted a no tolerance policy for stuff like this.

Previously, I think it was kept quiet and sorta swept under the rug.

Genevieve said...

A hex? That sounds more like the behavior you get from the gypsies in Eastern Europe.