Friday, April 14, 2006

Wake Up Call

One of the worst things that can happen on a layover is a problem with your wake-up call.

It happens to everyone, at one time or another, but a really early wake-up makes me put into place a system of backups without rival:

  • Step 1:  I leave a wakeup request with the hotel.

  • Step 2:  I set the alarm on the alarm clock in the room, or on the television if it has an alarm system.

  • Step 3:  I set the alarm on my personal travel clock.

  • Step 4:  I set a wakeup alarm on my cell phone, with the ring tone volume turned to high.

And if, after all of that, I still oversleep, my appearance standards at work that day will just not be up to the usual.  Oh well!


Astroprof said...

I, too, use backup alarms when away from home. I trust my alarm at home, but you never know how reliable the alarms are away from home. On my last trip, I set the alarm in the room, and I set the alarm on my PDA. The alarm in the room did not go off. I was glad to have a backup.

the addict said...

YES! I feel your pain. While I don't switch time zones nearly as often as you do, I'm on the road a lot for business and a fail-safe alarm system is essential.

It's funny...I use the exact same four step system as you do. :) But once in a while I still do manage to sleep late!

Melissa said...

tell me about it! It's one of my travel nightmares (!!!

I got spoiled at home because my husband acts as my personal alarm clock. The beauty of it is, I can request for "5 more minutes" before I actually do get up.

Anonymous said...

I use all the above, plus my PDA which has a world clock and alarm.