Saturday, April 22, 2006

Supermodel vs. Flight Attendant

Say it isn't so!
A Supermodel assaulting a Flight Attendant?  Sounds like something out of a very bad "B" movie, but that is among the charges levied against former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, May Anderson.
Ms May was on a Martinair flight from Amsterdam to Miami this past week, and it is alleged that she was disruptive throughout the flight, eventually assaulting a Flight Attendant.  It is reported that her unruly behavior did not stop when she was met by police in Miami.
She was arrested for battery, resisting arrest, and disorderly intoxication. 
Anyone surprised about that last one?
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Anonymous said...

The model will probably get away with it, that's what always happens.

JoeyC said...

Oh shucks, probably because she got sugar instead of Splenda.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't the air marshal have done something? Or are there not air marshals in all flights?

Fly Girl said...

The news reports didn't say if there were air marshalls onboard or not.

There is no guarantee that they would involve themselves. The standard appears to be only in the aircraft is in danger, not necessarily that there is a passenger problem.