Saturday, April 15, 2006

Window or Aisle?

Q:  I know that middle seat is the worst, but which is the best – window or aisle?

This is one of those questions that everyone answers differently.  It’s all about personal preference.

I prefer an aisle.  It’s hard for me to sit still for any length of time, and an aisle seat allows me to easily get up without disturbing anyone.  Some people choose a window seat specifically to avoid people like me who have the need to get up frequently.  

If you are seated by the window, you will not be disturbed by anyone getting up during the flight.  This means that you can sleep without interruption, or work without the constant demand to pick up your laptop to let someone out into the aisle.  Of course, if you get up, you will need to disturb those next to you to do so.

Another reason you may want to choose a window seat is if you’d like to sleep.  It’s much easier to lean against the side of the plane to catch a few minutes of shut-eye than it is to sleep upright, or run the risk of leaning against the person seated next to you.

If you are traveling with a child in a car seat, the car seat is going to need to be in a window seat.  Plan accordingly.


Astroprof said...

You can also look out the window from the window seat. It is sometimes relaxing to just look at the countryside slowly slide by below.

D T Nelson said...

Yeah, Yu Hu, some of us just like to look out the window.

Fly Girl said...

How could I have forgotten? Choosing window is frequently becaue people like to look out!

Anonymous said...

Window seat is definitely the best. You have the view, and don't get disturbed by passers-by. Yeah, you'll probably have to disturb other when you go to the restroom, etc, but the bottom line is: would you rather disturb them or being disturbed?

Anonymous said...

I usually prefer the window, but it depends on the equipment... On some of the smaller planes (e.g., Canadair RJs), you get about a quarter of your foot area taken up by the curving side - and you have less space under the seat for a bag.

Genevieve said...

This is a source of discussion between my husband and I. Especially when it comes to window/aisle seats that come in a set of three (like on 747s) I like the aisle seat because I get twitchy on long-haul flights and I like to be able to move around and access the bathroom. My husband loves the window seats. We find we just end up booking those two seats in the way back to get what we both want. I always feel awful having to crawl over people when I need to get up; especially on those transatlantic flights where even is attempting to sleep.
So I revert to my fantasies about flying business or first class.

JoeyC said...

Try flying on the right side (looking back) on a CRJ. You get the best of both worlds.


For the record, I think jumpseats are the best seats in the house.

Fly Girl said...

You can't see a thing from the jumpseat.

JoeyC said...


C'mon Flygirl, I think the jobs getting to your head.

Just admit that you get a rush on the rear-facing jumpseats....

Well, I think they're pretty cool.


Fly Girl said...

Joey --

There is no view when sitting on the jumpseat.

In order to look out the windows on the doors (which are small porthole windows, by the way), you have to be standing and peering out.

Nothing to see when sitting there.

JoeyC said...


Yes, I know... I've done it before.

I'm talking about the overall feeling.

You cant deny the adrenaline you got the first day of the job, your first flight, when the plane is careening down the runway, and you're pretty much vertical.

Either way, you dont have to share a single-person jumpseat with some fat dude named "Bubba" whose only intent is to sleep/drool all over you.