Friday, April 21, 2006

NWA Airlines Re-Thought the $15 Premium Seat Fee

Here's a shocker!
Northwest Airlines has reconsidered its policy to charge an additional $15 to reserve an exit row or aisle seat.
Turns out that this policy angered NWA frequent flyers who were incensed over this most recent attempt to nickel and dime the most loyal customers. 
The "modified" policy now allow elite members to reserve a premium seat, at no extra charge, 24 hours prior to scheduled departure.  That's the same time they go on sale to everyone else, so it doesn't really sound like much of advantage to me.
Elite members can reserve a seat in the first few rows of the coach cabin up to 90 days prior to scheduled departure.  Evidently these are seen as "desirable" seats, but not "premium" ones.
Whew -- glad we got that straight!.
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