Sunday, April 09, 2006

All Work and No Play

It's the end of a weekend, and one thing has become obvious to meet -- I spent most of it working.

Since all work. and no play, makes YuHu a dull girl, I have plans to have less work and more play this coming week.

This evening I've playing with the Personal Tartan Generator. I've spent quite a few hours trying out different colors, thread counts and pattern combinations. Here's my latest masterpiece, and one that I've made into my computer wallpaper:


ZurichGnome said...

Hi FlyGirl (funny writing that again!) just to let you know that your masterpiece tartan doesn't show up - it's linked to your hard drive rather than being uploaded to blogger.


Fly Girl said...

Thanks for the heads up. Interestingly enough, and I don't know why these things happen, when I took a look it was there.

I re-posted, so hopefully everyone can see what I spent doing in my time wasting hour last night.