Saturday, April 29, 2006

Judge Rules That Comair Did Not Bargain in Good Faith

Get your ass back to the bargaining table!

Well, that's not exactly how the bankruptcy court judge put it, but that's certainly what he meant in rejecting a motion by regional airline Comair, a Delta commuter, to void its contract with its flight attendants union.  Both sides were ordered back to the table to resume negotiations.

In his ruling, Judge Hardin rules that Comair did not bargain in good faith as required by law.  The Company had made a demand for concessions from the flight attendants and said that the amount was "non-negotiable."  Negotiations require give and take on both sides.

Comair's President, Fred Buttrell, was quick to put the company propaganda machine into work, blaming the failure of the flight attendants to accept the demanded concessions, and claiming that the company's restructuring plan was now likely to fail. 

Yes, let's blame the flight attendants for the potential demise of the company.  Because otherwise, they'd have to look inward and managements and their own decisions.

I don't think we've heard the end of this yet, so stand by.


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