Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Travel Lighter With Disposal Underwear

I consider myself relatively expert at packing. 
Even experts stay on the lookout for ways to improve, however, so when I read about disposal underwear on Her Accessories, it was worth a second look.
Once I got past the eeeeeeeew factor, I realized how Tagalongs might make sense for the traveler.  It's a way to guarantee that you will be taking home less than you started out with, making room for those purchases along the way.
Tagalongs come in two styles, bikini and thong, and have an assortment of colors.  They come in 2-packs and 5-packs, with each panty individually wrapped, and are priced moderately enough to make it a realistic option.  The only retail location that I could find was at Wal-Mart in Canada, so if anyone else has seen them elsewhere, give a shout out.
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Paul said...

Don't we have enough disposable things? This reminds me of when in Japan, they have vending machines that have pre-worn underwear you can buy, with a picture of the previous wearer (though the intended use is obviously vastly different!)

Fly Girl said...

Now that really heightens the eewwwww factor.

Paul said...

I was going to go further and post how these disposable undies could create a whole subculture of "snowdroppers" who scour rubbish bins! Now thats an Ewwww for you.

Only thinking of this as one place I lived in had a lot of this happening, womens lingerie going missing from washing. Its all a bit bizarre if you ask me.

Rachel said...

Does underwear really take up that much room? Even if I brought no underwear it wouldn't hardly make a dent in my suitcase space. They also don't seem that cheap. Old Navy sells a 3 pack of thongs for $6.

Fly Girl said...

No, underwear never seems to take up that much room for me either. There's always a little corner of the suitcase to pack them in.

Now shoes --- there's a problem!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that they were 100% gusset cotton much like any other underwear - so you could pretty much make ANY cheap underwear disposable if you'd like, just put each in a ziplock or sandwich bag and toss in your purse!

mens underwear catalog said...

Its not that underwear takes up room its just that its very convenient to take it off and throw it away when you're traveling. We dont really get to wash our clothes when we're away yet at the same time we dont like putting back our underwear back in the bag when its 'dirty'