Thursday, March 23, 2006

Who is Your Twin?

Everyone has a twin somewhere.  I've never seen mine, but I know she's out there. 
A friend forwarded this website that does a face recognition scan.  You upload a photo and then the site analyzes your face.  After this analysis, it compares your facial structure to a celebrity data bank of about 3,200 people.  While it seems to analyze just your facial structure, there does seem to be some emphasis on how your hair frames your face and whether or not you are wearing glasses.
I put a recent head shot through the process, and I match with Debra Winger (76%) and Holly Hunter (72%).


Flygirl said...

Great find! This was really cool! I tried it with two different pictures and I got Anne Hathaway both times. :) 78%

D T Nelson said...

A cross between Debra Winger and Holly Hunter? rrRROW!

I tried two different photos and got Matt Damon 53% and Billie Joe Armstrong (who?) 52% for one, and Bon Scott (who?) 62% and Timothy Dalton 60% for the other.

Christina said...

I look just like Alicia Silverstone and Eva Longoria - riiiiiiiiiiiight. That was kinda cool, though. :)