Sunday, March 12, 2006

Poll Results: Lost Bags

Result of the lost baggage poll show that 62% of you have had bags go missing, courtesy of the airlines.
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Paul said...

Is it really the airlines fault? There was an article published in the Sydney Morning herald describing Sydney airport as the worst for lost baggage, and they blamed this on procedures and equipment in the airport itself, which is all a separate organisation to the airlines.

So perhaps its a shared blame thing (my bags getting lost was DEFINATELY the airports fault, I saw the woman in LA write the wrong airport code on my luggage, but I couldn't get her to do anything about she, she assured me that she knows what she was doing and I believed her...)

Flygirl said...

LOL...I've flown with a Captain who will never gate check his bag and instead he padlocks it (no lie...with a cable and a masterlock combination) to the inside of the overhead bin so that a passenger doesn't accidently walk off with it. Funny as hell and probably smarter than we think!

Paul said...

Never seen that picture before... flying the friendly skies :)

On another note, there was an article in tke paper here about "What Happens to Bags that are never claimed?" - Small but interesting article: